Klutech on the Street

Street Team Marketing

Having your marketing materials distributed is a direct marketing approach which is aimed to grow your brand awareness by targeting to potential consumers on a mass-marketing scale. Whether it be distributing your marketing material from business to business, house-to-house, college-to-college, or to direct individuals at events or other crowded areas; our street team specializes in handling this task.

What types of Marketing Material can be Distributed?

Any item can be distributed, no matter the size or type! Example of materials that are distributed include flyers, brochures, business cards, promotional items, and even free product.

Can Food Items be Distributed?

Yes. Our street team members are certified food handlers giving them the ability to pass out food samples.

Can the Street Team Intake Sales?

Yes. A sector of our street team focuses on doing direct sales. Although this comes at an additional cost, which is usually obtained through a percentage of sales, our street team has the capability to do so.

What does this Cost Me

The cost is $0.10 per item distributed. There are no minimums and no maximums and does not include the cost of printing, or check out our Klutech Program which includes Street Team Marketing and much, much, more.